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Policy for Quality and for the Environment

The Management from GECOM S.r.l. focuses its quality and environment policy on achieving a high quality level for the products / services provided, on complete customer satisfaction through organizational management that is attentive to safeguarding and respecting the environmental ecosystem and therefore:

  • It undertakes to monitor the opinion of customers to obtain feedback on the quality of the products / services provided and to update the requirements;
  • On the basis of the data processed relating to the various indicators, it proposes actions for change / improvement;
  • It undertakes to periodically collect and examine the results of its training activity;
  • It undertakes to reduce the environmental impacts of company activities, in particular with reference to the use of sustainable resources and waste management through management measures, and by improving the processes and technologies used;
  • It undertakes to monitor the consumption of energy and fossil fuels to reduce CO2 emissions (the EU target of -30% CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 2015);
  • Constantly checks the adequacy of its structure and equipment and systems to the standards relating to the environment, safety and the work environment, and treats all personal data in its possession according to the laws on confidentiality;
  • Evaluate with particular attention the adequacy of human and financial resources. In particular, it is committed to enhancing human resources, promoting knowledge and raising awareness of their role both in terms of customer satisfaction and the protection of the environment;
  • It undertakes to carry out reviews to periodically assess its suitability.

The Company pursues continuous improvement by periodically analyzing the compliance of the entire structure with the quality and environmental policy, and monitoring its adequacy with current legislation and contractual agreements defined and through the definition of a structured framework of measurable objectives for quality, periodically reviewed and adequately formalized.

The Management, convinced of the choice and validity of the objectives set out above, believes that the management system for Quality and the Environment is the tool to achieve these objectives and obtain a continuous improvement in performance both towards customer satisfaction and for environmental protection.

The Management undertakes to disseminate its Quality and Environment Policy to employees, customers, suppliers and contractors, and to ensure the human, technical and financial resources necessary to make it operational.

The Management and all the staff are responsible – according to their role and their duties – for the implementation of this Policy and for the compliance of their behavior with its principles.

Genoa, 01/03/2021
DG M. Curione